The new Xbox Game Pass is getting great reviews

An all-new Day 1 addition to the Xbox Game Pass lineup on PC, cloud, and consoles has garnered rave reviews from critics.

New games are added to Xbox Game Pass All the time, but not all games are created equal. Some of the games added to Xbox Game Pass fail to meet expectations, while others make the service really worth it. One of the new games that was recently added to Xbox Game Pass falls into the latter category, and has received strong reviews from critics.

Two Point Campus It was added to the Xbox Game Pass lineup last week, and so far it has garnered great reviews from fans and critics alike. When reviewing the MetaCritic aggregate website, Two Point Campus It has a score of 84 overall for criticism, praising its fun and humorous management gameplay. It’s the second entry in a file 2 points A series of simulation games, continue Two Point HospitalWhich got similarly strong reviews.

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Both Two Point Campus And the Two Point Hospital Easily available to play with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. And the Two Point Campus It can be played across consoles, cloud, and PC, so Game Pass subscribers can check it out regardless of which platform they choose. It’s one of the top-rated new game releases of the year, so fans of the simulation genre should definitely consider giving it a shot with their Game Pass subscription.

Two Point Campus Reviews

Two Point Hospital It is only the latest highly rated game to hit the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Earlier this year, a point-and-click adventure game Norco Launched as a day-one title for PC Game Pass, it’s known to be one of the few games with a rating of 90 or higher released in 2022 so far. Looking ahead, it seems as if Xbox Game Pass subscribers have more quality games waiting for them in the near future.

Sam Barlow immortality The Xbox Game Pass launches on the first day of August 30th, and while it only has one review so far, it’s very important. edge The magazine, which has been published since the early 1990s, has given immortality A score of 10/10 is perfect. This is as important as edge Only 23 other games gave it a perfect score, so it doesn’t give that kind of praise lightly. It remains to be seen what other people think about it, of course, but immortality It’s already off to a great start.

There are plenty of great games to play on Xbox Game Pass, and it seems the service isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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Source: Metacritic

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