How to Overcome a Persistent Deficiency in Adderall

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If you have been prescribed Adderall or its generic equivalent (amphetamine salts) and have been having trouble filling your prescription recently, you are not alone. Although the Food and Drug Administration No general drug deficiency reportedConsumers across the country find a different reality at their local drugstore.

So what causes the deficiency? How long is it likely to last? And more importantly, what are some strategies to deal with you ADHD while you wait for drug companies to resupply your drugs?

Supply, demand and prescription drugs

On a macro level, the reason you should not get a prescription for Adderall is supply and demand. Demand for the drug has more than doubled in the past decade in the United States –In 2011, about 19 million prescriptions for Adderall It was written in the United States; By 2021, that number has reached 41 million. Demand was further boosted during the pandemic, asRaw people have reported mental health problems And telehealth companies have allowed people to fill prescriptions easily, resulting in More height in use.

On the “supply” side, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. , the largest U.s. Brand name supplier and generic Adderall, reports disruptions due to ‘packaging capacity limitations“At one of its manufacturing facilities. This has resulted in a delayed demand situation for some (but not all) Adderall doses across the country. Both 20mg and 30mg doses are in the backOrder now.

When will Adderall dryness end?

A Teva spokesperson said Bloomberg Supply issues from the company are likely to subside by mid-August for the Adderall brand name. The company plans to ship more 10, 15 and 30 mg tablets by the middle of the month, with a 20 mg variety by the end of the month.

You will have to wait a little longer to get the generic form of the medicine. Generic Adderall should become more available at the beginning of the fourth quarter, so pharmacies may be free of nonprescription amphetamine salts until the beginning of October.

What to do if you can’t get Adderall

If you are having trouble getting Adderall (or any medication), the first thing you should do is ask your doctor for advice. If you have a prescription that has not been filled, your doctor can cancel it and either prescribe an alternative medication, recommend a non-drug treatment option, or a combination of the two. They may also refer you to a psychiatrist. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to Adderall.

There are a number of medications designed to treat ADHD for which there is currently no shortage, from stimulants such as Ritalin, Focalin and Vyvance, to non-stimulant medications such as The antidepressants Elavil and Wellbutrin. Find out which one will work for you and In any dosage can involve some trial and error, so work closely with your doctor or psychiatrist to order the perfect chemical blend for your brain.

If you are not keen to use a chemical solution for you ADHD, or if you want to combine birth control pills with other methods, there are talk therapies and other strategies that may help. most ubicalm One of these therapies is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).who puts a file focus on Changing the thought patterns that often accompany ADHD. Another option is emotional therapy, To help you Better deal with cycle Ascending and descending That ADHD can cause in your life.

You can also give neurofeedback Shot. It’s expensive and not without its critics, but this approach involves wearing a brain-checking helmet and playing a video game with it your mind, so at least it’s worth looking into. The idea is that Monitor your brain waves with an EEG, you’ll do it Learn to recognize and change repeatAnd finally, train yourself to be cheerful Frequency patterns associated with focus.

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