Now is the time to search and book your vacation flight

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If you’re traveling during Thanksgiving or Christmas, the time to book your flights will come sooner than you think.

According to new data from Google Flights that we recently broke down in depth, the ideal booking windows for booking the cheapest flights during the holidays are fast approaching.

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In fact, once you’re away from the Labor Day holiday, it’s probably time to set your sights on your holiday travels. This is what the data tells us.

When should I book my Thanksgiving flights?

Generally, Google Flights says the best domestic flight deals can be found 21-60 days before travel, but that’s been extended a bit for Thanksgiving travel.

Google flights says The lowest Thanksgiving rates are usually found 36-74 days before departurewith the lowest point averaging 52 days.


Here’s what that means:

For the lowest price you want Start searching for Thanksgiving cruises around September 10. Usually the lowest prices are found around October 2. And all went for the best deals October 19.

This means that you should keep your eye on the Thanksgiving trips that start right after Labor Day. This is now!

Thanksgiving has always been one of our favorite weeks of international travel, but even for your domestic travels, you should start the journey of searching and booking.

In general, we always recommend travelers to book their flights well in advance, and if you have very specific travel dates, you should set up a Google flight price alert.

When should I book my flights for Christmas and New Year?

If you’re traveling during the Christmas period, it’s not as simple as turning that scale back a month if you’re looking to book a flight for the holiday. That’s because the scope of Christmas cruises is greater.

If you’re looking to travel domestically over the Christmas holidays, the lowest airfares can be found, on average, 20 to 88 days ahead of time.

Christmas markets

Here’s what that means:

For the lowest price you want Start searching for domestic flights for Christmas around September 28 The best deals are gone December 5. Need to go home for Christmas? Once again, Google’s flight price alerts are your friend to help you decide when to book.

If you’re looking to book rates over New Year’s, you should look at the same time as Christmas. Demand for those flights is just as high, especially when booking for the week after Christmas.

How to Find Cheap Holiday Flight Deals

There is no trick to finding cheap flight deals for the holidays. The best way is to let the deals find you. If you’ll let us brag for a second: We’re really good at finding holiday flight deals in Thrifty Traveler Premium. We find great flight deals and have them sent to your inbox.

Instead of a sales promotion, we’ll just show you your favorite holiday travel deals. And these are just the deals we’ve already found! It’s not even deals that fall into the cheapest average travel window in Google Flights shown to us.

Vietnam Airlines deal

wow! I bet you don’t think we’ll take you to Vietnam right away. Especially for a long trip like Vietnam, you’ll want this long weekend to save some time on your trip.

Here’s another long trip.

Cheap flights to Zanzibar

The paradise of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean will be a wonderful Thanksgiving trip. Go swimming with dolphins, visit a disappearing island, and take a spice tour. You can skip the turkey for a year in exchange for sunshine and a culture trip across the Tanzanian island.

But staying a little closer to home is nice, too. Let’s see what that would look like.

Cayman Islands Air Deal

You will do it! No arguments for Thanksgiving dinner. There are no terrible football matches in the NFL. Just you and your favorite travel companions and these beach chairs. Ahh…

Another perfect holiday trip would be a quick hop across the pond to London. We came up with these Thanksgiving and Christmas rolling rates and sent them to our subscribers.

Cheap flights to London

We’ve also found an extra relaxing trip for you if you want to head to other European regions this holiday season as well.

Choose a special deal

There will be some happy Premium members taking these seats to Western Europe on Thanksgiving, and while this deal is no longer live, it’s a perfect example of the holiday savings you can reap when you book early.


Now is the time to start searching and booking a Thanksgiving and Christmas flight, according to data from Google Flights.

The target time to book Thanksgiving trips starts right after Labor Day and runs until around October 19, while the ideal booking window for Christmas trips is usually between September 28 and December 5 on average.

Thrifty Traveler Premium members receive holiday travel deals all year round, but there’s still time to grab a great deal for vacation 2022.

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