American Airlines May End A Real Customer Advantage For A Sad, Twisted Cause

Part of the American Airlines plane.

Will anyone really notice? Probably.

American Airlines / screenshot by Chris Matesch

It’s easy to think that all US airlines are the same.

Mostly the same.

Well, so similar that sometimes it doesn’t make much difference which one you fly.

However, they each have small pockets of difference – with four of them owning more than 80% of all airline seats – that could really stand out.

Southwest’s no-charge policy for bags, for example. Or Delta’s additional interest in customer service. (I know that was the case back in the day. You’re still allowed to dream.)

More technically incorrect

Then there is American Airlines. It’s big, well, it’s big. They fly to many places and sometimes they reach you on time.

But there is one strange thing that, for many customers, is a real positive with America – the ability to hold a fare for 24 hours without actually paying for it.

This can be very useful when you are not quite sure that you want to travel, but the price seems very attractive. Or when you want to surprise your loved one, and you don’t know yet how he will respond.

Now, though, Americans may choose to ditch this lovely, people-friendly feature.

man points Reports suggest the airline is testing whether it will only offer customers the ability to cancel within 24 hours – and get a full refund.

Courtesy of a hold order may not be shown, which seems very unfortunate.

You may be wondering if money must be the cause. To which the answer may be yes and no. See , the points change It indicates that America wants to reduce the number of people calling its reservation lines.

Wait, I hear you crying, a lot of people wanted a little customer service with their hold, which frustrated the airline?

Basically, some customers want to use their flight credits, which often entails making a phone call. And phone calls are the one thing airlines haven’t wanted for a while now. Unless phone calls from the government give them free money.

Over the past long period, too many people have called the airline customer service line, too many people have complained, and airlines don’t want to hire more customer service staff.

I find myself very sad about this. I have used this feature in the past, and it has worked a lot. Likewise, I flew on other airlines that wanted to pay me, say, $20 to make a reservation for 24 hours. Which seems a bit cheap from them.

I want to mumble, “If I tried to buy this ride tomorrow, would it really raise the price by $20?”

Oh no. You just arrived, right? Now you are worried that the American will start charging fees for the franchise. I wouldn’t dream of suggesting such a thing.

However, it does make one wonder how much more Americans feel about its cost in phone time, compared to the number of people who really appreciate the option of hanging out in real life.

One awaits the outcome of the American experiment with enthusiastic breath.

However, airline passengers often quickly learn to live without things they have always assumed were normal. You know, like legroom in economy class or seats with enough room for humans – also in economy class.

When so many airlines are alike, it’s easy to realize that you have very few options.

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