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Written by Patrick Robertson

He spends half of your day indoors. It is the most important part of the journey.

Vacation rentals have skyrocketed with HGTV shows touting vacation rental rates at $500 and $600 per night, Airbnb hosts asking from $200 to $1,500 per night and VRBO asking for $500 to $5,000 per night or more. 4 star hotels $350 per night. Three star hotels $200 a night. At these prices, a two-week vacation rental would cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. A way out of the price range for the budget traveler.

Travelers go places for a variety of reasons. In November, I like to leave the mountains because it is the month of wind, rain, frost, snow, storm and gray sky. This November is the first since the pandemic began in 2020. In my opinion it is still time to move away from large groups and breathe the common air of others. A time of caution that makes our travel planning even more difficult.

In addition to expensive accommodations, air travel is becoming more expensive than it was before the pandemic. Return trip to Mexico $1,200. So when flights under $300 appeared on Maui, Hawaiian flights in November, I took notice. Maui is not my favorite island but it is Hawaii and we love Hawaii.

Cheap but expensive Hawaiian flights have become during the pandemic. Overnight accommodations went from $150-$300 per night to $650-800 per night for the same location. Demand exceeds supply.

Now that I had an agreement to work with him, I thought I’d check out the retailers by time to look at availability and prices for a week in Maui and maybe find something reasonable. I was able to find three timeshare rentals for seven consecutive days at three different resorts for $1,500 a week. not bad; $1,500 a week is the new budget rate for a week’s rent, up from $750 a week 10 years ago.

Next, I thought I’d check Craigslist for Hawaii vacation rentals. There was a number for different times of the year. I called two ads. They looked legitimate. They both answered the same day and said they were available at reasonable rates of $150 per night or $200 CAD.

The problem with Craigslist is that there are many scammers and one must be very careful. In this case, a landlord provided the combination number to verify that he owned the apartment. I called and he owned the property and rented it with a license from the state.

The other owner gave his business number which I passed through the Hawaii state government to verify that he was a legitimate manager of the property. There was a company registered with that name, but the site was an amateur. A Google search showed a different phone number than it gave me. I called both numbers but they don’t work. I didn’t feel well so I saved this connection.

You should always ask if they take credit cards. A legitimate property management company will take credit cards. Never send money. If the advertiser asks you to transfer money or use an unfamiliar money platform, walk away from the deal. It is a problem with capital, T.

The next place to check out rental housing is Facebook. There are a number of groups for owners and tenants of the different islands. You post an order and someone will contact you for availability and pricing. Often these are people who are new to the rental market or those who want to maximize rent. There are no deals here. If you find one, get it.

After all the research, I decided it wasn’t worth going to Maui for a month. Cheap flights but accommodation is too high for a budget traveler and private island transportation costs are the highest ever.

I ended up deciding to go to the Okanagan and visit my family instead. I’ll try to find time to cycle the Okanagan train track. If I did, I would write about it in my column.

For those still dreaming of Hawaii, prices on Kauai dropped over the next few months to around $600. Kauai is my favorite Hawaiian island. Check out my Kauai destination guide on my blog.

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– Patrick Robertson A travel writer and long-time resident of Fernie. He is an expert in independent travel planning and finding budget travel deals. Go to their website for more information and photos of this trip to Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta (pictured above).

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