The Vistadom train from Guwahati to Havelong provides a charming journey

In the past few months, visitor trains have grown in popularity thanks to large windows, comfortable seating, observation decks, and other amenities. So, while we introduce you to the many ways these trains travel, here’s a look at the vistadome train from Guwahati to Havelong. Written by Anushka Joel

What is the Vistadome train?

The vistadome train is basically a train with a private coach at the end. A sight to behold, this bus comes complete with glass windows, an observation deck, a 160-degree view of your trip, LCD screens, Wi-Fi and more. Buses have been added to many trains that take one of them on scenic journeys. These include cascading waterfalls (like the Dudhsagar Falls), mountainous terrain, deserts, pristine beaches, and much more. The trains ensure that your journey is complete with adventure, wonder and amazement.

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Journey from Guwahati to Havelong by Vistadome Train

The journey starts from Guwahati Station, which is part of the North East Frontier Railway (NFR). The route was introduced amid the pandemic to get more people back on the trains and to make their journeys full of adventure and memorable. The path takes one through an early morning misty sky, views of oil refineries, lush green fields, and more.

Passengers travel through mountains and low hills, pass through dark tunnels and experience the usual journey in a whole new light. Vistadome bus trip allows travelers to enjoy nature and the environment like no other. The exhilarating ride, full of twists and turns, feels like a rollercoaster, especially when one of the whirlpools spins around their chairs along with the movement of the train or simply stands in the observation deck for an unobstructed view of the amazing scenery unfolding in front of them.

Overall, the trip is an unforgettable one, so if you’re in Guwahati, be sure to spend a few hours on this train – you’ll enjoy the trip of a lifetime, and keep coming back to one of India’s many train options for more!

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train details

train number: #0588 – Guwahati – New Havelung
distance: distance: 269 ‚Äč‚Äčkilometers
Flight time: Five hours and 20 minutes
workdays: Wednesday Saturday

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Ministry of Railways / @RailMinIndia / Twitter

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