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Delta unveils an updated DPS cabin experience, featuring locally-inspired dining, luxurious handcrafted amenities and more focal points for personalized service – while increasing social impact through its expanded partnership of Someone Somewhere.

“Delta Premium Select sits at the intersection of luxury and practicality – giving customers the opportunity to pamper themselves with a more spacious seat and premium experience at a lower price compared to our Delta One cabin,” said Mauricio Parisi, Vice President, Brand Experience. . “We continue to introduce premium products designed for the future of travel, with premium offers that give our customers the experiences they crave.”

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Have a look at the updated DPS experience in this dynamic web story.

Delta first launched DPS in 2017 on select routes across the Pacific and across the Atlantic, and the airline has since expanded the product to include more routes and aircraft types. The latest improvements build on Delta’s best-in-class onboard experience, while also providing superior comfort and more customization and control.

Enjoy an enhanced dining experience

Beginning September 20, Delta Premium Select customers will enjoy a fine dining experience that offers more choices blended with local flavours.

“At Delta, we know a good meal can make a great experience on Delta flights even better,” said Mike Heaney, Managing Director of Onboard Service. “When designing our Delta Premium Select menu, we reimagined our food and beverage offerings from the beginning, and we’re excited to launch delicious new offerings that also highlight our outstanding service and culture of innovation.”

Last year, Delta revamped its in-flight dining experience to create a foundation built on values ​​and people, including seasonal menus, more vegan meals, local sourcing, and new partnerships with small businesses, partners and diverse suppliers from around the world. Globe.

DPS menu options will include meals such as braised beef with potato fingers and dijon green peppercorn jus; impossible meatballs with polenta, pomodorini and broccolini sauce; Honey harissa chicken thighs with gulp rice and stewed vegetables; And for dessert, mango mousse with mango fruit compote.

Customers will be served main dishes on bagasse plates made from the fibers of the sugarcane plant, with tableware, linen napkins, silverware and glassware. And they’ll enjoy more service focal points throughout their flight, such as a special moment of “bubbles and meals,” with sparkling wine, water, and a special treat soon after take-off, as well as an excellent snack basket.

Relax with premium amenities, choose it with your comfort and convenience

Starting in October, Delta will be rolling out handcrafted, Someone-In-Place amenity kits that feature Grown Alchemist travel essentials and other premium essentials that make the trip more enjoyable. The new Delta Premium Select amenity sets will come with three new designs created by the artisans of Someone Somewhere exclusively for Delta. Especially for October, select Delta flights departing the United States will present a pink set to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month as part of Delta’s long-term efforts to support breast cancer awareness, research, and education.

Customers will also enjoy specially curated natural skin care products from Grown Alchemist, a leading force in clean beauty. Customers can stay hydrated with a watermelon-vanilla lip balm, included in their kits, and freshen up with an Oshibori vanilla and orange peel hand towel, which will be dispensed before the first meal.

Other premium amenities, including a memory foam pillow, noise canceling headphones and a plush blanket made from recycled materials, are also designed to make the flying experience more comfortable and convenient.

The social impact of leadership

Delta is guided by the belief that customers should not choose between seeing the world and saving it; Likewise, Delta strives for luxury and sustainability to coexist within a comprehensive and distinct customer experience. Thoughtful details like bagasse cutlery and a blanket made from recycled materials, as well as expanding our partnership with Someone Somewhere, continue Delta’s commitment to purpose-based partnerships that create social impact. Delta Premium Select sets are more sustainable and handcrafted by artisans in Mexico, with each set telling the story of the artisan who made them.

More space to stretch on board

Delta Premium Select provides passengers with more room to stretch and relax with a wider seat, additional recline, adjustable footrest and footrest on most international long-haul flights.

Whether clients want to relax, sleep, work or catch up on the latest in-flight entertainment at Delta Studio, they can plan to arrive at their final destination refreshed and rejuvenated.

Travel to more winter destinations

This winter, Delta will operate nearly 400 weekly flights to popular destinations such as Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, Zurich and more.

“Customers traveling between November and March can expect fewer crowds, unique seasonal activities and activities, and better flights and hotels,” said Kama Winters, president of Delta Vacations. “Whether you want to browse the Christmas markets in Copenhagen, take a winter cruise through the Rhine Valley, or ski outdoors on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, Delta can connect customers to beautiful destinations and experiences around the world.”

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