Find all destinations that can be reached within 5 hours by train from your home

Free weekend in perspective and don’t want to blow your carbon footprint? entrain! An hour, two, three, four or five hours from your base point, there are a number of outdoor, marine or mountain spots, easy to locate with this new free online tool. It is enough to divide your emissions by ten compared to the car trip.

This map called “isochrone or accessibility” was published by Benjamin Td, a Parisian developer, and is visually similar to heat maps, but allows you to measure travel time from one place to another depending on the mode of transportation chosen. And the distance that can be reached in a maximum period of five hours by train from any European city. Wherever you are, in France, the possibilities are many!


To select stations, nothing could be simpler, you just have to hover your mouse over them. Visually, the whole looks like a heat map, with red areas reached within one hour and faint yellow areas within five hours. The data is fed by an old interface for Deutsche Bahn, a German rail company.

from Paris

As you can imagine, from the capital it is possible to reach the majority of the best French outdoor locations, be it the Normandy and Breton coasts or even a large part of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. From Paris, you can also go to the French and Swiss Alps.

Map of Paris

from Lyon

Mountain or sea? It doesn’t matter because from Lyon, they are both accessible. Whether you decide to go to the Mediterranean coast, east of the Pyrenees or the Alps, anything is possible for a weekend getaway. A special mention for getting to Turin, perfect for exploring the Dolomites.

Lyon map

from Clermont-Ferrand

If it is, for the time being, one of the least well-served points in France, you can, from Clermont-Ferrand, reach the vast stadium of the French Alps as well as the Mediterranean coast, around Marseille.

Map of Clermont-Ferrand

from ren

You can easily reach the coasts of Brittany, which is a great playground for lovers of outdoor activities, from sailing to hiking and climbing. Most surprisingly, you can also get to the Monts du Lyonnais. Something trail buffs rejoice!

Rennes map

from Strasbourg

In five hours, leave Vosges for the French and Swiss Alps. Even more exotic: the Dolomites, for a weekend getaway in the heart of Italy’s historic peaks.

Strasbourg map

from Toulouse

There is no doubt that within five hours from Toulouse, you will be able to reach the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and also Andorra and southern Spain. An opportunity to practice a variety of outdoor sports, from the sea to the mountains. And not only in the Pyrenees: go to Grenoble to rub shoulders with the Alps – Beldon, Chartreuse, Vercors, Tyver.

Map of Toulouse

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