Seagull train at Saujon station (17)

On April 25, 1868, the Compagnie du Chemin de Fer de la Seudre was established, which took years of negotiations, studies and research for finance and war (1870-1871), before being commissioned on August 28, 1875. At the time, it took an hour and 45 To deliver Ponce to Royan. The 8 April 1876, the path between Soojun and La TrimbladWhich is the time to complete the stations of the line, and on June 25 of the same year, the train opened at 10:20 am starting the line!
over here The last and only line The provinces are still preserved in Charente-Maritime. That is why it is brought back to life thanks to the joint efforts of the department, the owner of the line and the volunteer association « Trains and traction » that makes trains run.
It is the heritage of the Charentais-Maritimes that is preserved and presented in a living museum. I think that in 1890 there were only dirt roads, on which one traveled on foot, by bike or on horseback, but for a walk (ie 5 km / h)! Railroad access corresponds to the arrival progress. We can now travel to 35 km/ht carry heavy loads.
These new means of transportation are allowed economic prosperity From the region to allow oysters To be delivered faster and more! By allowing the transfer of timber exploitation In the forest of Kobri and theseSalt marshes in the aquarium Marines Olron. The entire peninsula is developing.

The Train des Mouettes Somewhere between Saujon and La Tremblade…
@ Seagull breed

Today, the line that SNCF closed in 1980, welcomes you back between Saujon & La Tremblade. the train travels 21 km It crosses 69 flat intersections, after leaving Saujon, you pass through it 6 stations : FontebidoWhere the train never stops, Mornac sur Sodre Where the stop allows passengers to be disembarked or picked up, then ChilefitAnd the ERVERT, AETOLES ; These last two stops will not be offered. Then finally the end no trimblade.

FIVES-LILLE locomotive No. 3716, 112 yearsYou will find a second life by traveling the Train des Mouettes line on the Arvert Peninsula. Thanks to your help, dear donors, T&T volunteers will be able to implement a program Major General Umrah (GRG) Follow the original plans and designations. Make a donation at:

seagull train
3 Green Track – 17600 Saogon
05 46 05 37 64

Marion Soufren welcomes you at the Train des Mouettes station in Saujon (17)
Marion Soufren welcomes you at the Train des Mouettes station in Saujon (17)
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