This Hawaiian Airlines terminal is a traveller’s nightmare

The Beat of Hawaii flew to Los Angeles yesterday on Hawaiian Airlines Flight 10 from Honolulu, and we’ll have a lot to say about it. In the meantime, let this serve as advice on what to expect after leaving the plane and moving to the baggage claim area at LAX.

Late last year, Hawaii moved from Terminal 5 shared with its partners JetBlue and American, among others, to Terminal B/Tom Bradley International Terminal. It looks fine, doesn’t it? In theory, this will improve the passenger experience and provide improved shopping and other amenities. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s our experience at their new location after towing our A330 wide body at the last west gates of Terminal B.

1 1/3 mile walk from the gate for baggage claim or check-in to the gate.

Hawaiian Airlines

Regardless of whether you are arriving at or departing from Los Angeles International Airport, you must be prepared and arrive early. We entered a real maze that started shortly after the arrival gate, which mysteriously slipped through the airport. It included escalators up and down and many very long corridors. In short, it was baffling after getting off a 5 hour flight from Hawaii.

There is no Air Hawaii lounge at Los Angeles Airport.

Hawaii reported that there are more food and beverage options in the new international building, as well as lounges. However, it must be noted that Hawaii no longer has any lounges other than the Hawaii Airport locations.

LAX Hawaiian Airlines

When Jeff returned to LAX this morning for his flight to Maui, he asked the ticket agent about the new location. He was told that it surprises many visitors, as they don’t expect a 15-minute “quick walk” to get to the gate. According to the agent, “some people have already missed their flights.”

Is the Tom Bradley International Terminal even relevant to the Hawaii area on the West Coast?

While it is now easier to cross between other international carriers and Hawaii, this is clearly a small part of their business. For the bulk of their commuters starting and ending on the West Coast, this is a huge inconvenience, at least for now, and there’s more.

Hawaiian Airlines flights from LAX.

The airline flies three times daily to Honolulu, at 7 a.m., 10 a.m., and 6 p.m. It also flies once every day from LAX to the three neighboring islands. So it seems that the choice of stations is important.

When the move occurred, the airline said, “Hawaiian guests traveling to and from Hawaii via LAX will enjoy a modern, comfortable facility featuring increased amenities, expanded dining and shopping options, and a spacious gate area.”

Options for guests regarding limited amenities.


What we found this morning was that there was almost nothing open anywhere near the gates used by Hawaii. Instead, the only food options were there soon after check-in and before embarking on the very long walk. For most people who are unaware of the circumstances, there will be no time to go back to where these facilities are currently.

What can guests who don’t want to walk 1 1/3 miles do?

Hawaiian Airlines in LAX

There are many porter-driven golf carts at both ends of the very long fairways. There are escalators but there are elevators. So it is possible to use golf carts or limit walking through the lifts.

We suggest that Hawaiian Airlines guests, who can walk at a reasonable speed, plan to spend an additional 20 minutes at LAX after security or before heading to baggage claim. There will also be crowded areas, and baggage claim signs are sure to be nonexistent.

What was your experience with Hawaii in LAX?

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