With Angelhaha Airline, one way to the planet of art

When a Chinese-American artist promises you happiness, beware. The best creators are troublemakers, whistleblowers more than blissful promoters. When the same young woman offered to take off on December 6, in the direction of Miami, on a plane intended for her, we smelled a trap.

Qinmin Liu is a firm believer in Angelhaha Airline, which was launched this year. Because Angelhaha Airline does not take its passengers anywhere in the world. He is satisfied with a one-way trip to the cities where trade fairs and biennials are held. The first stop this year is in Florida, for Art Basel Miami Beach with a Chinese private aircraft company, Meisihang Private Aviation.

To build her project, the young woman was inspired by her phobia of travel: everything is terrifying, from long checks to hours of waiting before boarding a plane. Not to mention the meal trays. It also wants to offer its art-savvy passengers an experience that is less worrisome. “I want to push boundaries. So why not start something that can redefine the function of art?” She told Hyperallergic. During the New York – Miami trip (3 hours 20), Qinmin Liu will present a ” performance “.

From $2800 to $3500 New York – Miami

It is difficult to learn more, the artist hardly wants to unload his project. She just said that service, plane, duration and tight space would be part of the experience. To get a little idea of ​​the spirit of the trip, watch the introductory commercial broadcast on Chinese TV. Young woman appears, with a reddish pink smile. The clip ends with a big laugh. Qinmin Liu’s happiness version is in Ontology.

Obviously, to be a part of the adventure, you have to pay the price. Count $2,800 to $3,500 for the New York-Miami Baptism of Fire. The first flight is not full: there are still three seats available. Twenty-four more trips are already scheduled, notably in March, during the Art Basel Hong Kong fair, and in May, during the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Having an artist charter a plane to travel the planet is nothing new. In 2001, Italian Maurizio Cattelan invited 150 selected people (art collectors, art critics, etc.) to take a private plane from Venice, towards Palermo, to discover one of his installations located in a landfill.

But Qinmin Liu is surfing on an entirely different record: the desire to experience the world of art. Big collectors and “ubercurators” are spoiled, exhausted kids. They already have everything, from money to buying artwork. What they want is a global experience, in other words, fun. Also, artists are increasingly turning to outside their surroundings to seduce them. In June, at the Art Basel fair in Basel, Indian artist Subodh Gupta cooked small plates every day for visitors to the gallery. Just to impress their taste buds. Others, like Liu Chinmin, play the Air Girls…

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