The new Carnival addition receives the colors of the decorations and floats again

Bright Carnival More than ever it looks like a real Carnival cruise ship as workers continue the whirlwind updates that have now been going on for several weeks. The newest ship in the fleet has already received a new glossy coat of paint, with a stunning new look.

The ship also floated again for the first time today as workers completed work on the ship’s hull, bow thrusters, and propellers.

One thing is not set Bright Carnival Apart from the rest of the fleet, there is the funnel. While Carnival ships are known to have the iconic whale-shaped funnel, Bright Carnival It has a completely different design.

Bright Carnival Dry dock renovation

The newest cruise ship to join the Carnival Cruise Line fleet, Bright CarnivalAlmost completely transformed into an authentic Carnival cruise ship

Workers at the Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo, Italy, They worked hard To complete a huge list of work to be done before Bright Carnival It sails for the first time later this year.

Image source: Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival cruise line took Possession of a Spirit . class cruise ship Last month, with the ship previously operated for Italian cruise line Costa Cruises. Since the shipyard’s official handover ceremony on September 8, the shipyard has been a beehive of activity, and the results appear promising.

Already the ship sports a new livery Carnival Cruise Line. First introduced in Mardi GrasThe hull is now a dark blue color that flips from the arc to close to the waterline, bordered by thin white and red stripes.

Luminosa cruise ship carnival
Image source: Carnival Cruise Line

Contractors at the shipyard have also concluded work to be done on the hull below the waterline. Usually, during a dry dock, a shipyard strips the hull of any growth that is detrimental to the ship’s performance through the water.

in case if Bright Carnival, all paint was stripped, and the ship got a new hull paint. The coatings will reduce the resistance of the ship’s hull through the water, reduce the necessary engine power, and thus reduce fuel consumption.

Luminosa cruise ship carnival
Image source: Carnival Cruise Line

Other jobs now completed include maintenance of the ship’s thrusters, which are used for maneuvering, and maintenance of rudders and propellers. One area that looks distinctly carnival, but doesn’t in many ways, is funnel.

What happened to the whale’s tail?

Anyone who has ever looked into a harbor and seen a cruise ship lying there knows instinctively that the Carnival cruise ship is in because of the whale’s tail. The iconic whale tail has been a staple on Carnival’s ships since 1982 when it added one to the 1,412-passenger Tropical.

However, a total of 92,720 tons, 2826 passengers Bright Carnival Different. Instead of a whale’s tail, the ship has maintained the funnel design that it sailed in when it was operating under Costa Cruises.

Luminosa cruise ship carnival
Image source: Carnival Cruise Line

Workers applied new livery colours, covering three-quarters of navy blue, white streak, and carnival red. So, if Carnival is going through all the work of diverting a ship, why not change the diversion?

Bright Carnival It is part of a program called “Costa Bay CarnivalCarnival decided to keep the original funnel and many aspects of the interior design it makes. Bright Carnival Distinctive Italian to set the ships in the program apart from the rest of the fleet.

Bright Carnival It’s not the only ship making its way to Carnival. Costa Cruises’ two newest ships, Venice coast And the Costa Florencewill join 2,260 passengers Costa Luminosa In the years 2023 and 2024. Venice coast You’ll work from New York, and Costa Florence You will sail from Long Beach.

Bright Carnival The ship will set sail from Brisbane, Australia, on November 6. As of May next year, the ship will move to Alaska. Homeporting from Seattle, Washington, Bright Carnival Guests will be offered 7-night cruises to Alaska. Luminosa cruise ship carnival

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